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  • Ambre Solaire , Baby & Child

    Ambre Solaire Kids Sensitive SPF 50 Spray 200ml

    Garnier Ambre Solaire has created a unique sun protection spray with a sand repelling action, so families everywhere can say no to an itchy sand feel. 

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    Baby & Child

    Aveeno Baby Daily Care Baby Barrier Cream 100ml

    Aveeno Baby Daily Care Barrier Cream has been specially formulated to help soothe your baby’s delicate skin. This gentle Barrier cream help reduce redness & helps form a protective barrier around the nappy area to protect your bay’s skin from nappy rash & irritants.

  • Baby & Child

    Aveeno Baby Daily Care Baby Hair & Body Wash 500ml

    Aveeno Baby Daily Care Hair & Body Wash contains colloidal oatmeal and oat essence and gently cleanses the most sensitive baby’s skin without drying it out.

  • Baby & Child

    Aveeno Baby Dermexa Moisturising Wash 300ml

    With colloidal oatmeal, oat extract, (avenanthramides) and ceramides, the AVEENO Baby Dermexa Moisturising Wash helps to soothe baby skin and preserve its natural barrier.

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    Baby & Child

    Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Baby Emollient Wash 354ml

    Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Emollient Wash has been specially formulated with a unique combination of natural colloidal & emollients to create this gentle soothing & cleansing wash. This emollient wash helps soothe & comfort your baby’s dry skin.

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    Baby & Child

    Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Emollient Cream 223ml

    Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Emollient Cream has been specially formulated to help soothes & moisturise dry skin. This gentle emollient cream has been enriched with natural colloidal oatmeal & can be used on skin that is prone to irritation.

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    Baby & Child , Gift & Gift Sets

    Avengers Which Hero Fun Set

    4 x Bath & Shower Gel

  • Baby & Child

    Avent Bird 0-6 Months Soothers 2 Pack

    Make sure your little one stays comfortable with this two pack of soothers from the Philips Avent range. Featuring a cute bird design, the dummies are easy to sterilise and keep clean (thanks in part to the handy snap-on cap that protects the teat). The soothers are made from BPA-free materials and are safe to put in a dishwasher.

  • Baby & Child


    Avent Classic Orthodontic Soother for babies 0-6m supports the natural oral development of your child’s teeth. User-friendly teat and a contoured face plate for comfort.

  • Baby & Child


    Help meet your little one’s essential soothing needs around the clock with the Philips Avent Classic soother. Available in a range of colours, our orthodontic collapsible teat respects your baby’s natural oral development.

  • Baby & Child , Bioderma

    Bioderma ABCDerm Babysquam 40ml

    ABCDerm Babysquam is a regulating and intense moisturising care, specifically formulated to help eliminate cradle cap.

    ABCDerm Babysquam softens and detaches cradle cap, so it is easier to eliminate. Baby soon has a clear and durably moisturised scalp. ABCDerm Babysquam os not sticky and is very easily washed off with shampoo

  • Baby & Child , Bioderma

    Bioderma ABCDerm Foaming Gel 1 Litre

    Bioderma ABCDerm Mild Cleansing Foaming Gel is a gentle foaming gel specifically formulated to cleanse the delicate skin and scalp of babies and children. 

    Its gentle formula makes bathtime a breeze leaving skin clean and soft as well as being sting free on even the most sensitive eyes.  

  • Baby & Child , Bioderma

    Bioderma ABCDerm Hydratant with Free Sensibio Micellar Water 100ml

    With Free Sensibio H2O Micellar Water 100ml

    ABCDerm Hydratant is a nourishing milk that protects skin from dryness. Its patented Skin Barrier Therapy TM helps to limit the adhesion factors responsible for irritation.

    The skin is soft, moisturised and protected

  • Baby & Child , Bioderma

    Bioderma ABCDerm Péri-Oral 40ml

    ABCDerm Péri-Oral is formulated to soothe, purify and protect the irritated skin around the mouth of babies and children.

    • Helps strengthen the skin barrier
    • Soothe redness and help skin feel comfortable again

    Easy to spread, it does not leave white traces on the skin

  • Baby & Child , Bioderma

    Bioderma Family Pack

    Bioderma Photoderm MAX Spray SPF50+ with Photoderm KID SPF50+ The ultimate family sunscreen duo. This great value, high-protection duo keeps all skin types protected in the sun – even sensitive, intolerant skin

  • Baby & Child

    Childs Farm Bubble Bath Organic Tangerine 250ml

    The Childs Farm Bubble Bath Organic Tangerine is perfect for popping in the bath just before your little one’s bath time. This soothing & calming bubble bath helps calm & soothe your little one just in time for bedtime